Let us increase your internet service!


TELNET was established with the aim of maximizing of Internet Service Providers industry.

TELNET was obtained a license in 2018 for the provision of Internet Services within the Kingdom of Cambodia granted by Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia.

TELNET was acknowledged of the commencement of ISP services operation launched in 2020 by Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia. TELNET believe in looking towards the future with great visions and endless inventions in developing technologies, products and services to suit our customer’s need both today and in the future to live up the company’s slogan “Offering high quality and prompt service and selling what you need for you”.

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CEO Message

Mission And Vision

  • Our Mission

    Provide highly reliable, secure and fast internet services. Offering high quality, prompt by digital services. Selling what you need for you.

  • Our Vision

    Establish a standard Internet Service Provider company and the recognized leading Internet Service Provider in the region, which is well high speed quality and fast service to be growth up your business by constantly searching for technological innovation to be contribute development within part of our social.

  • Core Values

    Sets the standards our business helps us create value for our customers, our people and our organization.

  • Our core values ​​are:

    Teamwork Positive Attitude Social Value Focus on Customers